Adventures of an EPICS Intern: Life at MTV

A few weeks have passed since my last update and a lot has developed during that time.

Based on prior internship experience, I expected to work on lots of small assignments throughout the quarter. My time at MTV has proven the exact opposite. Up until last Sunday, I spent most days working almost exclusively on an ongoing assignment for the 2013 Grammys awards. The assignment required that I create a notecard (aka “cheat sheets”) for every nominee, presenter, performer, and host. I scrounged up information on all sorts of information from previous nominations/wins to tour dates to personal life.

With a final tally of 100+ notecards, this work certainly felt tedious at time. It required hundreds (probably thousands) of Google searches and lots of hours staring at the computer screen. On the upside, I really enjoyed the stability of the assignment – coming into work every morning knowing I had to complete x, y and z. Plus, I loved the added bonus of seeing my hard work put to use on the red carpet.

Along with this work, I had the opportunity to assist the production team on two (very fun)  outside shoots. I spent one day on set of an MTV First with the band Paramore. I watched each stage of the process including set-up, rehearsal, tear down, and editing. Watch the final video above, and look out for my personal Twitter question!

I spent another day at the grand opening of Topshop Los Angeles, where MTV conducted a one-on-one interview with singer Demi Lovato.

Both of these cases demonstrate the network’s investment in their interns. MTV obviously has a strong and talented team of employees. My supervisors probably didn’t need me at either shoot, but invited me as a chance to enhance my own knowledge of the business. I absolutely believe that the more I observe, the more I will learn.

Mallory Ladenheim is a senior communication studies major at Northwestern and is currently interning at MTV News and Documentaries in Los Angeles.