SoConnect Weekly Round-up: 6/24-6/27

SoConnect Weekly Round-up!

New Internships:

  • TMK Productions, Inc.- Summer Production Intern
  • June Media- Editorial & Strategic Marketing Interns
  • Kenneth Cole Productions- Creative Services, Digital Design/E-Commerce, Graphic Design, E-Commerce/Fashion, Wholesale, & Public Relations Internships
  • Playtone- Production Internship
  • Remy Bumppo- Artistic, Casting, Development, & Marketing Internships
  • The Global FoodBanking Network- Integrated Communications & Ambassador Program Leaders Internships
  • The Human Rights Campaign- Fall Internship

Current Highlights:

  • LA: Station 3- Production Intern
  • NYC: The Araca Group- Fall Theatre Intern
  • Chicago: Make-A-Wish-Illinois- Fall Internships
  • Other Markets: ESPN- Fall Production Internship (Bristol, Conneticut)

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Adventures of a Summer Intern: At the Intersection of My Passions

Way back in winter 2011, I attended the Northwestern InPursuit Internship Conference hosted by University Career Services. I was a sophomore at the time, and I struggled to decide what kind of career I wanted to have, or even what industry I wanted to go into. As a film major, I thought I might be interested in some form of TV or film production. I had also recently started pursuing Medill’s Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) certificate, so I figured I might find something in marketing or advertising that could help me figure out my future. At the intersection of these passions, I found LiquidThread.S

LiquidThread is the custom content division of the global marketing and media organization Starcom MediaVest Group. The thirty-person office in Downtown Chicago works with big-name clients and global media to produce brand stories, allowing consumers to engage with brands through the content they love. These brand integrations can range from something as simple as product placement to something as complex as the development of original programming.

A Northwestern Alum named Donna Schaefers, then a Producer and now a Development Executive at LiquidThread, told me about the company’s ongoing internship program and offered to let me shadow her for a day on the job. I spent an incredible afternoon on the LiquidThread floor of the Leo Burnett Building at 35 West Wacker Drive, falling in love with an industry I hadn’t even known existed. After I learned more about LiquidThread’s work and met with other employees through informational interviews, I decided it would be the perfect fit for my first big internship.

Series of posters of past campaigns on the wall at LiquidThread

Through the School of Communication, I was able to spend Spring Quarter of 2012 working at LiquidThread on a full-time basis, 32+ hours a week, for class credit. I worked on integrations with lots of different brands, from a Walgreens partnership with NBC’s The Celebrity Apprentice to the launch of a new flavor of Skinnygirl Cocktails. One campaign I had the pleasure of working on, which partnered the MARS Pet brand PEDIGREE® with Annie the Musical on Broadway, just received a Cannes Silver Lion award.

I took last summer to build up my design portfolio and gain more experience with strategic marketing by working as a freelance consultant at a local Evanston business called Creative Coworking. This summer, I’m returning to LiquidThread. I’ve only been back for a week now, and already I have learned so much. I’ve been pulled in to work on the Microsoft account, with a focus on the campaign for the release of the new Xbox One console. With such a huge product launch, not to mention a head-to-head war with the new PlayStation4, it’s bound to be an incredibly exciting campaign, and an adventure of a summer!

Margaux Pepper is a rising senior RTVF major at Northwestern and is currently interning at LiquidThread in Chicago, IL.

Adventures of a Summer Intern: NYC In Just a Week…

At the beginning of the summer I had breakfast with my father who was in town to help me move into a new apartment on Lafayette Street.  Sitting at a diner across from my apartment, he asked me what I expected out of the city. At the time I didn’t know what to expect. Having now spent some time working and living in New York, I can say that if you spend the summer in the city you can expect a season of dilated time and all manner of people in disarray. It has been less than a week, but I already feel like it’s been months. With so many people to meet, placed to visit, and things to do there are never enough hours in the day, and never a dull moment. Already I’ve learned more about the city in less time than I ever expected, though I do have a tendency to board trains headed towards Queens when I need to be headed downtown and vice versa. And contrary to what I expected, I’ve found everyone to be incredibly pleasant and helpful. In fact, more than anywhere else, a barista or neighbor in New York City cares, and is inclined to ask you what you’re reading, if you need anything, or where you’re working.

In answer to that question, I’m working at Bret Adams, a literary agency housed in a brownstone just off tenth street, situated in what I’ve been told is the fashionable neighborhood of Hell’s Kitchen. Bret Adams LogoMy daily trek to work takes me through Time Square and past as many theatres as you can imagine. With only four employees—two junior agents and two partners—Bret Adam Lit. Department lives up to the term boutique.

Bret Adams Building
Bret Adams Office Building

This means there is a lot to do and a lot to learn, but ask me what exactly a Literary Agent does and I couldn’t yet tell you. This is because the job is infinitely complicated, and I only started on Monday. Thus far what I gather is that Agents hold a lot of meetings with both well founded and new playwrights to discuss their work and possibly representation, and they broker contracts with regional and city theatres for the playwrights they represent.

What I can tell you however is what a Lit. Agent intern does.  My job consists mainly of reading plays, seeing shows, sending letters, and developing a generally familiarity with the theatre scene in New York.  In just a week I have had the opportunity to read and give notes on five or six developing plays. I read and edited a new inspiring collection of 100 short essays about mothers in the theatre.  Today I’m reviewing some contract templates to familiarize myself with the general agreements between production companies, playwrights, and agencies, and later I’ll be seeing a reading of a new musical. Tomorrow who knows? As promised, the life of an agent changes day to day, but if that’s the first week, I am anticipating an exciting summer.


Jon Gleason is a rising senior RTVF major at Northwestern and is currently interning at Bret Adams Ltd. in New York, NY.

SoConnect Weekly Round-up: 6/17-6/21

SoConnect Weekly Round-up!

New Internships:

  • Warner Music Group (WMG)- Fall Intern
  • Station 3- Production Internship
  • Chicago Brookfield Zoo- CELO Internship Program
  • Foster Dance Studios- Fall 2013 Web Design & Fall PR/Media Relations Internships
  • The Araca Group- General Theater Office Intern
  • Make-A-Wish Illinois- Wish Program, Community Events, Signature Events, Stewardship, & Volunteer Services Internships
  • Susan Fredman Design Group- Marketing/PR department intern
  • IMG Academy- Leadership Internship
  • Resolution- Marketing internship w/productions group
  • Kaye Publicity- Publicity Intern

Current Highlights:

  • LA: Open Roads Films- Acquisitions Internship
  • NYC: Warner Music Group- Fall Intern
  • Chicago: The San Jose Group- PR Internship
  • Other Markets: Fleishman-Hillard Inc.- Public Relations Fall Internship (St. Louis, MO)

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The Job Search: Be Open to Opportunity

Opportunity calls: Out of nowhere, the other day my friend offered me a spare room in his New York apartment for the summer. As I don’t really know New York and I have no commitments post-grad, I decided it couldn’t hurt.  Now I’m REALLY glad that I didn’t already have my life planned out mentally or I wouldn’t have been able to adapt to this new opportunity.

What if I like New York?  I could end up staying there. This makes me value my time in LA even more.  It’s great to know as a senior in college that I like working in LA, so I cannot stress the importance of having an internship there.  Whether it’s in New York or LA, getting familiar with a city’s entertainment industry is a valuable experience… and I suggest doing it during the school year.

I just got off the phone with a prominent New York theatre director and NU alum who now spends a lot of his time in LA directing television.  I contacted him because I felt that we had similar interests.  He told me something interesting: “Everything that you do is progress.”  This counteracts the notion that you can do something wrong which, in his words, is “liberating”.  He also assured me that the entertainment industry is becoming more fluid in that one can easily transition from NY to LA, and from theatre to TV/Film.  Any professionals I’ve talked to say the same thing.  Just get out there and do something.  There’s more than one way to succeed in the entertainment industry.

Already, I’ve felt the strong support of my alumni friends in New York.  They all seem to be willing to assist me in finding a job and even housing me, which again is incredibly relieving.  This will be my last blog post and I think it sums up what I’ve been trying to communicate.  Be open to opportunities.  I probably could have taken my own advice, as I’d gotten a little set on the idea of LA.  Maybe I’ll get there soon, but I’m glad I haven’t ignored anything that comes up along the way.

Our blogger is a RTVF senior looking to move to LA and break into the Entertainment Industry post-graduation. This person has some experience in the industry, having held an internship and lived in LA earlier in their Northwestern career. Follow them as they share their story of their full-time job search.

EPICS’ Creative Careers for the Business World Seminar

Registration is open for EPICS’ Creative Careers for the Business World seminar. This career seminar is open to rising SoC juniors and seniors interested in business careers with a creative edge (i.e. marketing, advertising, public relations, and media communications). Through this five-session seminar, you will learn how to:

  • Understand yourself and your career goals, ultimately identifying the right industry and job
  • Write your own strategic plan
  • Develop a job and/or internship search strategy
  • Engage with and learn from industry professionals and alums
  • Develop strong career skills including resume writing, cover letter writing, interviewing, offer negotiation, and networking

This 0-credit seminar will be offered every other week for 5 weeks in fall quarter from 1-2:50pm in AMS 109 starting Friday, September 27th. Please note that this seminar is not intended for those interested in the entertainment industry (the entertainment seminar will follow in winter quarter). If you are interested in business careers with a creative edge (not in the entertainment industry), this is the class for you!

Registration takes place via CAESAR under GEN_CMN 206-0. For more information, please email seminar instructor and EPICS Director, Heather Trulock at

Employer Spotlight: Burns Entertainment- Indulge Your Passions

I grew up in Evanston, son of two parents who went to Northwestern. The last place on earth I wanted to go for school was Northwestern. However, thank goodness fate led me to graduate from Northwestern University.

While at Northwestern, I met my business mentor who structured the deal to by Burns. I wanted to pay him back yet a wealthy investment banker is hard to find a gift for. After telling him I’ve racked my brain for what to get you to say thanks, he said don’t thank me. If you want to do something, start an intern program at Burns and help other NU students the way I helped you. That’s the best gift anyone could give me.

Twenty years and over 250 interns later, he was right. I’ve hosted dozens of NU students thru the years helping them confirm their passion in the entertainment, sports, and music fields. Every employee on our account service team interned at Burns.

David Burns founded what Burns is now as Burns Sports in 1970. On April fool’s day 1970, an opera buff who knew literally zero about sports founded Burns Sports. He was an entrepreneur boxed into an account exec role at McCann Erickson advertising. All his friends laughed and tried to stop him from quitting a premiere job but there was no stopping David Burns.

His idea was to fill a void; no one was the agent for the buyer. All the top celebrities had agents. So, he started keeping a database on note cards—how to reach celebs, who their agents are, how much they cost, interesting tidbits about their lifestyles, and offering that information and negotiation/representing them. He was THE pioneer in this role, the very first. Yet, his client service philosophy was simple and drove the company’s growth. Exceed a client’s expectations. Cliché? Yes. David had pure passion for living this each and every day. So did the family PR firm I worked for.

The tie that binds us all together is passion. Extreme passion for entertainment, music, sports celebrities and  most importantly—client service.  We have always wanted to be the best not the biggest. My mentor is most proud of the interview doors we’ve opened for interns elsewhere. Being the hub of a celebrity wheel allows us to develop deep relationships with agents, managers, publicist, ad agencies, public relations firms, large brands, sports teams, non-profits and others. An inside view of how these work and how Burns serves them cements where your passions lie. Knowing and learning where your passions are not is sometimes more important than learning where they are. Real life, hands on, close experience helps our interns find their niche while working with glamorous celebrities in exotic locales.

David Burns wasn’t a fool. He was an entrepreneur with passion for many things. May you find your passions and indulge them at work. Northwestern shaped my destiny and I am forever grateful to the alma mater. Nothing in business gives me more pleasure than opening an interview door previously closed and helping to shape an NU student’s career.

Burns Entertainment is an Evantson-based entertainment marketing firm specializing in celebrity procurement and music licensing for integrated campaigns, at local and global levels. Burns works with some of the biggest brands in the world and matches them to the right celebrity and music talent to be used in the entire marketing mix.

If you are interested in an internship with Burns Entertainment, log into SoConnect for more information and to apply!

Bob Williams is a ‘86 alum who majored in communication studies and has been the CEO/COO of Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing since 1993. Prior to Burns, Williams worked seven years at a consumer product public relations firm.