SoConnect Weekly Round-up: 1/27-1/31

New Internships:

  • Preferred Content- Administrative & Creative Affairs Intern
  • Institute for Therapy Through the Arts- Administrative Intern
  • Hallmark- Creative Summer Internships
  • Center Stage- Summer Internships
  • Camp Ozark- Video Production or Photography Interns
  • Make-A-Wish Illinois- Wish Program Intern

New Freelance & Full-Time Postings:

  • CBS Radio- Anchor/Reporter
  • Cancer Treatment Centers of America- Video Editors
  • AAM Insurance Investment Management- Freelance Videographer

Current Highlights:

  • LA: The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation- Summer 2014 Internship Program
  • NYC: The Araca Group- Theatre Intern
  • Chicago: O’Connor Casting Company – Casting Internship
  • Other Market: Clear Channel Media & Entertainment- KDWB/Cities97 Promotions Intern (Minneapolis, MN)

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Adventures of an EPICS Intern: Settling into the Job

Starcom-MediaVest Logo

My winter internship or “winternship” at Starcom MediaVest Group began three weeks ago. Walking into the colossal building on 35 W Wacker Drive in downtown Chicago, my stomach was tied in all sorts of knots and my head was filled with anxious worries about how I would survive the real world. At the orientation I met nine other interns like me who were all curious and nervous for what was to come. After a brief presentation on the company background and a tour of the building, we were assigned to different companies and teams within SMG. They announced that I will be at Starcom working with the Microsoft team. Then immediately after, my supervisor picked me up and guided me to the 12th floor where the team’s office was located. I was first introduced to the eleven members of the team then shown to my own desk area. My desk is in a cubicle with a computer and a personal phone extension. Settling into my workstation sort of felt like moving into a new dorm room. I decorated the bare walls with print-outs, organized my files, notebooks, and binders along the shelf, and stored my work shoes and emergency items in the drawers. Getting to know the neighbors in the cubicle next to me, learning how to navigate through the floor and understanding how people interact throughout the day slowly came to me overtime and now I’m finally starting to feel like I’m becoming a part of the community.

Work Station
My Work Station

The team that I work with is currently working on a Microsoft One Commercial campaign which is scheduled to launch late February. It is a good time for me as an intern to join the team since I get to see their strategy and tactical plan come to fruition within the next month. In addition to creating a marketing strategy and a tactical plan for Microsoft’s campaign, the team specializes on the digital side of marketing. They do all of the negotiating and media buying for the client, the process of which I have slowly been wrapping my head around. It has been difficult for me to understand their language full of acronyms and jargon, but everyone on the team was nice enough to answer all my questions and encourage me to express my own thoughts. I am still merely toe-deep in the media industry, but even just sitting in meetings and observing what’s going on has taught so much about the work environment, company culture and the industry that I would not be able to get anywhere else. With seven weeks left in my internship, I am excited for what future projects and events will bring and all the skills and knowledge I will be able to gain about the world of technology, media and marketing.

Kristin Chung is a junior Communications Studies major at Northwestern, interning with Starcom MediaVest Group  this quarter.

SoConnect Weekly Round-up: 1/20-1/24

New Internships:

  • O’Connor Casting Company – Casting Internship
  • Center Stage – Professional Internship Program
  • Cognitive Arts- Content Development Internship
  • Foundation for Contemporary Arts- Summer Arts Admin, Development, and Grant Programs Internships

Current Highlights:

  • LA: Thunder Road Pictures – Spring Film Internship
  • NYC: Next Big Sound- Internship Program
  • Chicago: 20 West Productions- Spring & Summer Internships
  • Other Market: PlayPenn – Development/Playwriting Internship (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

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Leadership Journey to Optimus

Interested in a career in Media Production or Post-Production? Apply for the Optimus Leadership Journey! More information is listed on the image below.

By February 14, email with a resume and brief paragraph letting us know why you want to attend the event and how it will help you with your career goals.


Optimus Leadership Journey

Adventures of an EPICS Intern: Funny People

Over the course of my college carer, I discovered my true passion for writing. I have had many majors and taken many courses at Northwestern, but all my interests had something in common– they were always centered on writing as a craft and an art form. This summer, I had the privilege of interning at Comedy Central in a rotational program that allowed me experience various aspects of the entertainment industry. I worked in the Digital, On & Off Air Department, Development, The Colbert Report, and The Daily Show. I learned a great deal from each department, and acquired useful skills, but it was The Colbert Report and The Daily Show that introduced me to the collaborative process of comedy writing. My few weeks at these studios were not enough, and I resolved to gain more experience in this field.


Thus, during my fall quarter I began searching relentlessly for opportunities to learn more about the professional world of comedy. How exactly did these work environments function day to day? Who were these comedy professionals and what skills did I need to become one? These questions raced through my mind as I discovered that the Onion News Network, the video department of The Onion was hiring writing and research interns for winter and spring quarter. I applied, and much to my delight, I was hired.

Initially, I was supposed to begin working on Monday January 6th, but Chicago’s polar vortex had other plans for me. After four heartbreaking flight cancellations, I finally landed in Chicago ready to start the internship of my dreams. When I arrived at The Onion, I was immediately immersed in work, exactly what I wanted from an internship my senior year. My first task seemed simple. I needed to scribe all the comments and jokes the staff writers made for each headline they proposed. In this process, I learned the unique language Onion writers used regarding their scripts and moving them from headlines to production-ready. The Onion News Network explored whether a script was funny, examining ultimately how strong and interesting pitches’ perspectives were. Furthermore, each writer spoke at incredible speed, riffing off of each other’s joke until headlines became a collection of their comedic brainpower, rather than the single efforts of one writer. During these pitches, I could not help but laugh. These were some of the funniest people in the country, and the words that left their mouthes were comedy gold. But, the balance to being a good intern, was enjoying and learning from these experiences with the writers while contributing to their effort in anyway that I could. My first week at The Onion had exposed me to a plethora of experiences. I am excited for the next six months with this organization, and I am lucky to share these adventures with the EPICS community!

Ziwe Fumudoh  is a senior Radio/Television/Film major at Northwestern, interning with The Onion News Network this quarter.

SoConnect Weekly Round-up: 1/13-1/17

New Internships:

  • Kargo- Account Managment Advertising Intern
  • Zagonli NcEvoy Foley LLC- Marketing Communications Intern
  • Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences- Science and Technology Council Internship Program
  • Thunder Road Pictures- Spring Film Internship

Current Highlights:

  • LA: Vuguru LLC- Development & Marketing Vuguru Internship
  • NYC: Northern Lights- Production/Post Production Internship
  • Chicago: Lookingglass Theater- Development, Production (Multiple Areas: Electrics, Management, Sound, Technical Direction, & Wardrobe), Marketing, Graphic Design, & Education/Community Programs Internships
  • Other Market: Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences- Science and Technology Council Internship Program Apply by 1/27 (San Francisco, CA)

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The Araca Project 2014!

small logo

The Araca Project is seeking innovative, enthusiastic and passionate theatrical entrepreneurs for their 2014 season! Selected artists will be offered an opportunity to produce their work in an Off-Broadway venue. Candidates for The Araca Project need to be graduates of the classes of 2004-2014 from a partner school such as Northwestern University.

Whether you are a writer, director, or producer, get a team together to pitch your project! Applications are due by March 14th, 2014.

For more information, please email EPICS Director Heather Trulock at

Araca Project 2014 Application

Information Session with McDonald’s Corporation

McDonald’s Corporation will be hosting an information session to discuss their summer internship program specifically in corporate communications and media relations. Wednesday, January 22, 2014 at 5:30 p.m. in Fisk Hall, room B-11.

To RSVP please email Kimberley Cornwell at

The session will be approximately 60 minutes. Refreshments (McDonald’s) will be provided.

McDonald’s Corp Internship Brochure

Event hosted by Medill Career Services

SoConnect Weekly Round-up: 1/2-1/10

New Internships:

  • Ramo Law PC- Creative Internship
  • Trillium Productions- Freelance Assistant Editor
  • HBO- HBO West Coast Summer Internship
  • 2adpro- Operations & Account Management Summer Internship (Chennai, India)
  • PlayPenn- Development/Playwriting Internship
  • Sunshine Sachs- Public Relations Intern
  • Academy of Television Arts & Science Foundation- Summer 2014 Internship Program
  • Mudlark Theater- Education & Media Intern
  • Agate Publishing- Publishing Intern
  • The White House- Council on Environmental Quality Summer Internship
  • Allied-THA- Promotions & Marketing Intern

Current Highlights:

  • LA: Viacom Media Networks- Winter/Spring Internship
  • NYC: NBC Universal- Bravo Communication Intern
  • Chicago: The Onion News Network- Graphic & Production Interns
  • Other Market: Hearst Television, Inc.- Production Internship (Manchester, NH)

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