Adventures of an EPICS intern: It Begins!

This summer I am interning with Prologue Theatre Company, a small Chicago-based theater company founded in 2008 that focuses on the representation of underrepresented voices in the theatrical world. I first encountered Prologue when my Northwestern financial aid advisor, upon learning that I am studying theatre, put me in touch with her good friend Angela Johnson, the artistic director of Prologue and a professional actor in Chicago.  Angela and I met up for lunch and talked about theatre, Chicago, and her company.  We stayed in contact and when I decided I wanted to stay in Evanston for the summer I asked Angela if Prologue was looking for interns.  She is now my internship supervisor and mentor.

with my acceptance letter!
with my acceptance letter!

Prologue holds company meetings once a month, where all of the members and artistic associates come together to discuss company business.  I have attended a meeting and will be present at the upcoming meeting, which takes place next week.  Most of my theatrical experience is in class and the rehearsal room, and these meetings provide me with insight into how a theatre company functions outside of those settings.  Prologue does not yet have a set internship program, something we are working on establishing together this summer.  It is a cool and unique opportunity to be at the beginning of Prologue’s internship process.  We’ve been working together and with EPICS to set up my internship track and other internship tracks for the company in the future.  For example, I want to be an actor.  Therefore, we are setting up a performance track.   In addition to attending meetings and performing various clerical duties, I will help run auditions, come to performances, and assist in rehearsals- all of which relate to my career goals.  I had a very productive phone call with Ryan Smith in the EPICS office.  He gave me a lot of great advice about structure, scheduling, and asking questions.

I have some great things coming up!  On Tuesday, July 1st, there is another company meeting.  I will be helping to run general auditions on July 19th and 20th.  I am very excited for the auditions- I think I will learn a lot about auditioning from the opposite perspective!  I plan to focus on my experience running auditions in my next blog.

Sophie Neff is a rising junior Theatre major interning at Prologue Theatre Company in Chicago, IL.