Weekly Round-up 1/17/15 – 1/30/15


  • American Documentary – Multiple internships available in documentary field including development, production, digital, programming, production, etc.
  • Arts + Labor – Intern
  • DIRECTV – 10+ undergraduate & graduate internships in marketing, graphic design, development, production, HR, Marketing Intern Consumer Research
  • Disney ABC Television Group –30+ positions posted on SoConnect in Casting, Development, Production, Marketing, etc.
  • Leo Burnett – 2015 Summer Internship
  • Southern Environmental Law Center – Southern Exposure Film Internship/Fellowship
  • Studio Theatre- Apprenticeships
  • Television Academy Foundation – Television Academy Foundation Paid Television Internship
  • The Film Arcade – Production/Distribution Company Internship
  • Viacom Inc. – Viacom NYC Summer Internship

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Employer Spotlight: L2T Media

L2T Media is a digital-based agency in Evanston that focus on developing Pay-Per-Click advertising, Search Engine Optimization, Reputation Management, Remarketing, Behaviorial Targeting, Social Media, Micro sites and YouTube Advertising for their clients. Located right near Northwestern’s Evanston campus, L2T Media offers internship opportunities creating marketing and social media plans for auto dealerships  and other clients. This agency works closely to develop a comprehensive online presence for their clients and utilizes state- of -the-art market research tools to help their clients get more visibility. Interning here would allow students a tremendous opportunity to learn about digital advertising, market research and client relations.

L2T Media is currently hiring Marketing Interns for Spring 2015 on SoConnect, see job # 2746. Please review their website and apply!

Adventures of an EPICS Intern: Overcoming First Day Nerves!


When I arrived at Lily’s Talent Agency after the hour and fifteen-minute CTA ride, I could not help but feel shivers. A combination of Chicago’s frigid weather and the fresh nest of butterflies flapping in my stomach unsettled me. I have performed some administrative work, and I’ve most certainly had a job. Yet, I’ve never worked at a talent agency. As someone who wants to later work in the entertainment industry, I blew the potential ramifications of doing a poor job out of proportion. Self-defeating questions popped up one by one in my mind as the elevator ascended slowly to the destination, room 4F. What if I don’t like the job, the people, or simply just am not good at the work? I want to be an agent, but if I perform poorly, what does that say about my future?

My first day on the job was supposed to be a training day. In essence, learn the ins and outs of the office: how to put someone on hold, scan and edit headshots and comp cards, where to find the Windex to wipe down the tables at the end of the day. It’s not booking clients, but everyone starts somewhere, and I’m grateful for it. At first, I watched everything happen, absorbing information as the day went along. When the only other intern received the task of alerting over eighty clients about an audition, I was left to answer the phones, alert the agents about client calls, and handle any other extraneous work. From 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM, I did just that. And it was easy. I picked up everything quickly—or, more quickly than I thought I would.

When I think about the nerves I let fester that day, I can’t help but chuckle at my own silliness. I expected a fast-paced, cutthroat environment where even a second of daydreaming could get you fired. While the work is quick and perpetually present, and my bosses are very serious about their work, it is anything but aggressive. In fact, my superiors demonstrate supreme concern for my internship experience and education, constantly encouraging me to ask questions and challenge myself. I find myself forging connections with the interns and employees around me. In a way, it doesn’t feel like I’m an intern.

While I’ve learned a great amount, I hope to keep learning more. In fact, my boss plans to put me under one of the senior agents, so I can supervise and assist her. I am taking my job just as seriously as I did when I stepped off that elevator. Yet, I now look at the experience with significantly more optimism, and a little more faith in my own abilities. I’m excited for all of the tidbits of knowledge that will fall in my lap in the days to come. Until then, it’s more mornings of arctic CTA rides, improving my typing speed, and grabbing the phones by the horns.


Liam Feroli is a Sophomore in the School of Communication Majoring in Radio/Television/Film.

Employer Spotlight: Creative Artists Agency

Creative Artists Agency (CAA) is the world’s leading full-service entertainment and sports agency with offices in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, London, and Beijing. Founded in 1975, CAA represents many of the most successful professionals working in film, television, music, theatre, video games, sports, and the internet, and provides a range of strategic marketing and consulting services to corporate clients.

CAA is currently accepting applications for their 2015 summer internship program. Program dates for Los Angeles, New york, and Nashville are June 22-August 14. Interns are required to work full-time (9:30am-6:30pm) for the duration of the internship.

For more information/to apply for this internship, please log into SoConnect and search for Job JD 2716

Career Advice from NUEA

NUEA (Northwestern University Entertainment Alliance) is the alumni organization for Northwestern grads working in the entertainment industry. They currently have two chapters; NUEA West in LA and NUEA East in NYC. While they do a great job engaging with students/alums when you get out to the coasts, they want to begin this relationship sooner. Below is a message from their Presidents.

Message from NUEA Leaders:

We are the leaders of NUEA West and NUEA East, Northwestern’s entertainment alumni clubs in LA and New York, respectively. We wanted to introduce ourselves and wish you all an amazing 2015!

If you’re not familiar with the NUEAs: our purpose is to strengthen the NU entertainment communities on both coasts. Our clubs organize panels, mixers, screenings, and other events year-round, and we are the go-to resource for new grads who move to the coasts to pursue careers in film, television, media, music, theater, and any other aspect of entertainment.

We’ll be in touch throughout the year, but here are two things we wanted you to know right away:

1) Give us a heads up

If you are planning on moving to LA or NYC after graduation, or if you’re spending a quarter in either city and interning, please get in touch with us! We would love to hear from you.

2) Here is our email address:

We’re also really excited to announce a new way for current students to reach out to us before moving out to the coasts. Starting right now, feel free to email ask@nuea.org at any time to reach club leaders on either coast.

This is an all-purpose email address — send us your questions about the industry, ideas for new programming, or anything else. We’ll get back to you with advice when we can, and we’ll post responses to common questions online.

We hope you’re all having an amazing start to the year. We loved our time at NU, and we’re excited to connect with you!

Go ‘Cats!

Mike Cavalier (NUEA East, mikecavalier@alum.northwestern.edu)
Marcus Folmar (NUEA West, president@nueawest.org)
Jackie Laine (NUEA West, president@nueawest.org)

Weekly Round-Up 1/12- 1/16


  • Allied Moxy- Internship Program Entertainment Marketing
  • Center Stage- Professional Internship Program
  • Violet Media- Development and Production Internship- Spring 2015
  • Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing- Sports Marketing Internship
  • Emmi Solutions- Healthcare Research Curator Intern
  • Berlanti Productions- Production Intern Summer 2015
  • Center for Communication and Health- Research Assistant
  • Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.- Turner / CNN Summer Internships
  • Big Shoulders Digital Video Production- Video Production Internship Summer 2015


  • CBS Radio- Digital Sales Assistant
  • Felix- Entry Level Sales Associate- Advertising NYC Startup

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Employer Spotlight: Edelman


Edelman is the world’s largest public relations firm, with more than 5,000 employees in 65 cities, as well as affiliates in more than 35 cities. Edelman owns specialty firms Edelman Berland (research), Edelman Deportivo (creative), Blue (advertising), BioScience Communications (medical communications) and agency Edelman Significa (Brazil).

Working in industries like Aerospace/Defense, Healthcare, Education, Retail, Food and Beverage and Sports and Entertainment, Edelman’s clients have included: Hilton, HP, UPS, Slim jim, Xbox 360, Seattle Seahawks, Microsoft and MTV.  The company was started in 1952  in Chicago by its founder, Dan Edelman. Located just off the Magnificient Mile, the Chicago office has offered several amazing career opportunities in public relations for interns and experienced employees alike.

Edelman is currently recruiting graduating seniors for their Edelman Enrichment Associate Program (http://www.edelman.com/job/associate-enrichment-program/). The Edelman Associate Enrichment Program is a rotational program that focuses on career exploration and development for entry-level employees in the public relations industry. Program participants spend 18 months rotating through five to six different departments in Edelman’s Chicago office to learn about the business, grow their networks, develop a diverse skill-set and determine a long-term career path at Edelman.

They will be conducting on–campus interviews on Wednesday, February 18th. To see if you qualify to apply, log on to SoConnect and search by company name Edelman or Job # 2173.

Weekly Round-Up 12/22/2014 – 1/9/2015

Welcome back!  Check out the internships and full-time positions that were posted while you were on break!


  • Aesop Communications Group – PR Internship Spring 2015
  • Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions – Video Production Internship Spring 2015
  • Chicago Filmmakers – Filmmaker Services Spring Intern
  • Chicago Filmmakers – Filmmaker Services Summer Intern
  • Chicago Filmmakers – Marketing and PR Summer Internship
  • Evanston Art Center – Arts Administration Internship Spring 2015
  • Evanston Art Center – Event and Planning Internship Spring 2015
  • Evanston Art Center – Public Relations Internship Spring 2015
  • Gray Talent Group – Talent Management Intern Spring 2015
  • iO Comedy Network – Producer/Director Intern
  • L2TMedia – Marketing Intern Spring 2015
  • Music Box Films – Summer Distribution Intern
  • Northwestern Memorial Healthcare – Graduate Administrative Internship Program
  • Ramo Law PC – Creative Internship (Virtual) – Summer 2015
  • Savor Agency – Marketing Intern
  • Scrappers Film Group, LLC – Production Intern – Spring 2015
  • Sentinel Pictures – Creative Development Intern, Summer 2015
  • Sentinel Pictures – Spring Creative Development Intern, (Virtual Internship)
  • The Mancow Experience – Radio Production Internship
  • The Onion – Graphics Internship
  • The Onion – Post Production Internship
  • The Onion – Writing/Research Internship
  • S. Representative Jan Schakowsky – Intern Spring 2015
  • Viacom Inc. – Viacom Design Internships Summer 2015 (NYC)
  • Viacom Inc. – Viacom Production Internships Summer 2015 (NYC)
  • Viacom Inc. – Viacom Summer Internships Chicago
  • Viacom Inc. – Viacom Summer Internships in Nashville (Nashville)

Full Time:

  • The Onion – A.V. Club Copy Editor
  • The Onion – Copywriter Onion Labs
  • The Onion – Onion Inc. Creative Fellowships

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