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Adventures of an EPICS Intern: I Want My MTV

Erin Manning 3

“You’re an intern, know your place.“

That was one of the first things I heard when I started my internship with MTV On-Air Promos back in June. Though this statement may seem a bit harsh, it’s true and important to know when starting at a company. In a production office, everyone has a job to do and it is extremely important not to get in the way. While I haven’t been asked to make anyone coffee and have been given larger responsibilities than just making copies or getting lunch, it is still important that I understand my role within the larger office in order to help it run efficiently.

To be honest, before I started working here I did not know much about MTV’s content. I could name a handful of shows and knew about their various award shows, but beyond that I can’t say that I regularly watched anything on the channel. Since starting, I have not only learned about the robust portfolio of shows but also what it takes to produce promos for this wide variety of content. Writers and producers must have an understanding of all of the MTV shows in order to produce successful spots. Rather than working on a specific show, they spend their time covering a variety of shows and events and need to be certain they are representing each program in a spot.


Erin Manning 1

What sets On-Air Promos apart from many of the other departments at MTV is that it is a working production office. There are schedules to be followed, shoots to book and promos to be made. Even though MTV is a part of larger media company, the office still works like a traditional production office, which has given me a very rewarding first-hand look at the production side of the industry. I have been able to see how my work as Finance Chair for Studio 22 or as a producer on student sets relates to work being done in the industry. Additionally, I’ve had the opportunity to assist on a promo shoot. It was incredibly exciting to see that all of the student sets I’ve been on have a similar level of professionalism as this well-run promo shoot. This makes me excited about where my classmates and I are headed in the industry.

Within the On-Air Promos department, I serve a production management intern – which means I support the producers, production managers and coordinators as they go through the process of getting a promo from pre-production to post-production and finally to air. There are seven other interns in my department: three other production management and four creative. We have gotten to know each other over the past bunch of weeks, and it has been great to get to know some of the people who will be my future colleagues once we all graduate.

Erin Manning 2

I have found that MTV and Viacom as a whole are incredibly supportive of interns. Many of the employees in my office started at the company as interns, so they understand not only what it is like to be an intern but what it is like to be a Viacom intern. Additionally, everyone is open to helping all of the interns learn more about the industry and the projects they are working on.

If I’ve learned anything from the Northwestern RTVF department, it is that film production is all about teamwork. Even though I’m an intern, I am a valued member of the team at MTV On-Air Promos and this experience has allowed me to learn more about the industry and where I want to find myself within it. While I will be excited to get back to Evanston in September, I’ve really enjoyed working professionally in the entertainment industry. However, I definitely won’t miss the commute! I’m just over halfway through my time at MTV, and while I’ve learned a lot, there is still a lot to be done and much more to learn. I’m excited to see where the next few weeks take me.

Erin Manning is a rising junior studying Radio/Television/Film.

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Arts Administration Internship, Fall 2015  – Evanston Art Center

Marketing/Administrative Internship – Hedwig Dances

Autumn Intern – Kartemquin Films

Fall Internship – Lily’s Talent Agency, LTA

PR Fall Internship, SEO Fall Internship, Web Marketing Internship – Walker Sands Communications

Fall 2015 Internships – Writers Theatre

Film Marketing/Film Festival Internships – Facets Multimedia 


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Fall 2015 Production Intern – Late Show with Stephen Colbert


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Entertainment Intern Fall 2015 – Heroes & Villains Entertainment

Fall 2015 Internship – Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment

Development Intern – Media Talent Group West

Creative Executive Internship – Ramo Law PC

Fall 2015 Educational Temp – Universal Music Group


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Fall 2015 Internship – Susan Davis International (Washington, D.C.)


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Benefits and Compliance Administrator – Allied Benefit Systems (Chicago, IL)

Key Account Coordinator – CBS Radio (Chicago, IL)

Marketing and Artist Development Associate – The Billions Corporation (Chicago, IL)

Medical Writer  – Cory/Paeth (Chicago, IL)

Agency Assistant – JB Talent (Los Angeles, CA)

News Director – WHBF-TV (Rock Island, IL)

Adventures of an EPICS Intern: Grateful to Be at WXRT


Blog Image 1

It’s been a whirlwind of a summer interning in the promotions department at my favorite radio station, WXRT.

My weekdays consist of spending time in the office at the Prudential Building in downtown Chicago. Weekly meetings with staff members from all different departments have been instrumental in opening my eyes to the ins and outs of the media world and have made me feel like I’m an integral part of the station. Covering relevant music news in articles that I write for the station’s website has sharpened my music and pop culture knowledge as well as my writing skills.

I’ve also gained important knowledge of Chicago itself, finding my way through various neighborhoods within the city and spending time downtown at staple Chicago events such as the Blues Festival and Taste of Chicago. From proudly promoting the station in the city’s annual Gay Pride Parade to greeting fans at our promotions tent at Mumford and Sons’ biggest U.S. headline show so far, I’ve had a blast and feel privileged to represent WXRT on location at numerous events every week.

Of all the events we’ve covered this summer, one stands out in my mind as a once-in-a-lifetime, unforgettable experience: promoting at the Grateful Dead’s Chicago stop on their Fare Thee Well tour and getting to see the band perform in their last show ever together.

Blog Image 2

From the fleet of colorful Dead-themed vendors lining Soldier Field to the vibrant and sprawling tailgate area enveloping the stadium, from the unconditional dedication of the fans to the passion and pure joy emanating from the band themselves, my experience at the last concert of the Grateful Dead’s Fare Thee Well tour was unlike any other. There was a wide array of pre-concert fun to be had in the concourse, consisting of a village of various tents peddling their wares or engaging with the crowd. Highlights included Grateful Dead-themed food, unique concert merchandise, a live band, and, of course, our WXRT promotions tent.

We were planted right in the heart of the concourse, and the tent was filled with interns and staff jamming to Dead tunes and conversing with friendly folks in the crowd. Though we usually promote our summer sponsors in addition to WXRT at the events we attend, this particular day was all about the radio station. WXRT was the exclusive radio station sponsor of the Chicago concert series, and being able to represent WXRT on this special day felt extremely rewarding as I saw so many fans genuinely thrilled to be at the show and excited see us at our promotions tent.

While in the tent, we ran a contest for fans to enter to win exclusive vinyl and t-shirts from WXRT as well as a hefty box set of the Grateful Dead’s discography on CD. We also blasted some pre-concert music to get the crowd pumped up while they waited for the doors to finally open.

As we made our way to the pit before the show, I felt the electric energy of the crowd as everyone grew more and more excited for the main event. When the band finally took the stage, the crowd went wild with true love. In real jam-band fashion, each song kept on truckin’ for a satisfyingly long while. My personal favorite was the rollicking rendition of their tune “Samson and Delilah”, which really got the crowd moving. Cohesive and blissful movement replaced the typical push-and-shove program of concert dancing, as everyone just wanted to jam and have a good time in harmony. Exiting the concert to the tune of hundreds of thousands of happy people and a beautiful fireworks display has been one of my favorite memories of the summer.

Memories like these are the ones I’ll cherish for a lifetime after interning with WXRT. Not only am I gaining invaluable experience working and observing in the office and on location in a field that I am truly passionate about, but I am also participating in once-in-a-lifetime events with people who share my love for music and have a wealth of knowledge to share. Seeing the logistics materialize behind the magic of radio and the amount of effort and dedication that go into creating and executing such a unique and spontaneous form of media has confirmed my love for the field and continues to prepare me for a hopeful future in radio.

Camille Michelotti is a rising junior studying Radio/Television/Film.