Adventures of an EPICS Intern: Bumps in the Road & Onboarding

On the Sunday night before my first day of work, I was in full on prep mode. I had just moved into my dorm at George Washington University a few hours earlier, and needed to unpack, unfold, hang, wash, clean…you get the idea.

AndrewKatz_Blog1I had spent much of winter quarter searching and interviewing for internships. Tomorrow, these efforts would pay off. I would be starting as a Public Policy Extern at Facebook in Washington, D.C.  Or so I thought. As it turns out, my onboarding file was still pending with HR, so I wouldn’t be able to start until the following Monday.

I tried to take advantage of the suddenly free week. I toured the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, where they print millions of dollars right in front of you. Met up with some old friends. And even read (some) of a book. For leisure!

Before I knew it, it was Sunday night again. I was ready to start. And this time, they were ready for me.

At Facebook, I am working on the Government and Politics team. As someone who studies RTVF and Political Science, this team interested me because it’s at the cross section of media, politics, and technology. They work to make Facebook and Instagram places for everybody to engage in political dialogue and discussion.

My days have been filled with diverse projects. On day one, I created a display of Instagram photos and videos from the 2016 Presidential campaign, which was shown at an event at the Smithsonian’s Renwick Gallery. Later in the week, I put together a presentation for a major political campaign about their Instagram use. Next month, I’ll be attending the Republican and Democratic conventions.

But the best part about the gig so far has been the people I have met. They are creative, interesting, and they treat me like a part of the team. Plus, my co-extern is a fellow Wildcat!

Next up, week two…


Andrew Katz is a rising senior Radio/Television/Film and Political Science student who is interning at Facebook over the summer.

College-to-Career Path for Northwestern Graduates with Disabilities

Photo courtesy of

Graduation is now behind us and most college grads on now jumping into a full-time job search.

While all college graduates faces challenges in regards to the college to career transition, students with disabilities face additional challenges. As recently discussed by article, “Career Guide for Students with Disabilities” the employment rate for college graduates with disabilities is 50.6%, as compared to 89.9% of graduates without disabilities.

For that reason, has created a Career Guide for Students with Disabilities resource which discusses common challenges, career prep prior to graduation, and tips for after graduation, and links to additional resources for students with disabilities.

Read more by visiting the article.

Weekly Round-Up (6/20 – 6/24)

Weekly Round Up

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  • Facets Multimedia- Film Marketing/Film Festival Internships Fall 2016

Other Markets

  • Magic Sauce Media- Communication Intern Fall 2016 (San Francisco, CA)

iO Comedy Network’s Hive Program

College students! Do you want to direct and produce sketch comedy videos alongside talented writers and actors of the famous iO Chicago improv theatre?


The iO Comedy Network has an incubator video sketch program, The Hive. iOCN is looking for dedicated sketch groups and filmmakers to apply for our third season! Over the course of three months, each team will create three videos to be shown at the monthly live iOCN show. Selected teams will be given access to filmmaking equipment, receive filmmaking mentorship, rub elbows with performers and teachers at iO Chicago whose produced such comedians as Tina Fey, Chris Farley, and Amy Poehler. The best content will be featured through the iOCN various social media platforms.

The deadline for applications is July 7th at midnight.

Make sure to check out our content on our Facebook page, check out the poster below for details, and if you have further questions contact

Weekly Round-Up (6/11 – 6/17)

Weekly Round Up

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  • Chicago Comedy Film Festival
    • Social Media/Marketing Assistant
    • Video Editor
  • LiquidThread – LiquidThread Internship Program – Fall 2016
  • Pegasus Theatre Chicago – Stage Management Intern Fall 2016
  • WGN-TV – Promotions/Marketing Internship

Santa Monica, CA

  • Amazon Studios – Film Intern

New York, NY

  • CBS – Fall 2016 – Late Show Internship


  • Leo Burnett – Research Analyst (Entry Level) (Chicago, IL)

Adventures of an EPICS Intern: The Value of an Internship is Twofold

Hello all!

Well, the time has come. My last blog post. I really cannot believe that my time in LA has already finished. My internships were truly remarkable experiences. I learned incredible amount about the industry, living in LA, how to be an adult(ish), and how I want to shape my career after graduation. I discovered that the value of an internship is twofold; learning what kind of career interests you, and what kind of career disinterests you. It’s much easier to realize that you hate sitting at a desk for 14 hours when your livelihood and career doesn’t yet depend on you keeping that office job which makes you miserable. I discovered that I much rather prefer to work in film development than in casting or management. Granted, I did go into the internships with a strong idea of what I want to pursue (screenwriting), but it was comforting to have that aspiration fortified by hands-on experience.

IMG_3340As I mentioned in a previous post, my time in LA was anything but straightforward. One of production companies I was originally interning at dissolved at the end of Winter Quarter, and I had to find a replacement position. In many ways this turned out to be a blessing in disguise, because it led me to Vertigo Entertainment (Lego Movie, The Departed). Working at Vertigo allowed me to diversify my work experience and see aspects of the industry I would not have been exposed to otherwise. At Vertigo I was able to continue doing script coverage, while also covering as an assistant for executives, and tracking trending e-books and video games. I was also able witness the ongoing development of films in the pre-production stage that will one day be seen on screens across the world. A very cool experience indeed.

Throughout my time in LA, I’ve been compiling a mental list of intern suggestions. First on the list: GO GET AN INTERNSHIP!! Seriously though, classes are extremely important for your career, but internships are invaluable. It will basically be impossible to find employment in the entertainment industry (or any industry, for that matter) without having previous experience in the field. You’ll also meet people who will most likely be incredibly helpful when you are searching for jobs down the road; I have a handful of people I will feel comfortable reaching out to when I begin my job search. It sucks to do unpaid internships (many, if not most, in Hollywood are unpaid) but I guarantee it will pay off when it leads to steady employment later on. And if you don’t have the means to make it through a few months of fiscal drought, apply for internship grants that Northwestern offers. I guarantee it’s a better move than nabbing a summer job at a retail store, even if that job pays better.

If I could go back in time and change something, I would have tried to get my internships for the Fall Quarter. Let me explain. Most internship programs have Fall/Spring Semester and Summer Break internship sessions. However the Fall Semester is the only one that lines up with our whacky quarter system (same reason people usually go abroad in Fall). I technically had to take a leave of absence for the Spring Quarter this year because of the dates of my internship. Similarly, many Summer internships begin at the tail end of Spring Quarter. I know it sucks to miss tailgate season, but it might be worth it.

Lastly, get to know your employers. It is very easy to sit in the back of the room, keep your head glued to your computer, and get by with minimal interaction with your superiors. Don’t be like that. This was actually something I personally found very difficult. You won’t be fired for saying good morning or for introducing yourself to someone in the break room. Worst that can happen is someone awkwardly tells you not to talk to that person again, best (and most likely) thing that will happen is that you’ll form the basis of a networkable connection. You never know what one conversation will lead to. Speaking with people who have found success in various areas of the industry, one common thing I kept on hearing was that oftentimes the most unexpected encounters are also the most fortuitous. In other words, opportunities can come from anyone, so make sure you open yourself up to the possibilities.

It’s weird for me to think back to my first couple meetings at the EPICS office, when I had no marketable experience and no clue how to get ready for a post-grad career. Comparing my resume from November with my current one seems like the before/after photos from an episode of Extreme Makeover: Resume Edition (New show idea?). Whatever the future has in store for me, I know I can approach it with a professional confidence that I wouldn’t have had before.

So that’s all for me! I’ve really enjoyed writing these blogs, and I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them (despite my grammatical errors). Enjoy your summer!


Daniel Goldberg is a senior Radio/Television/Film major who is interning at Vertigo Entertainment & Avalon Management during spring quarter. Follow him throughout the quarter to get the scoop on his internship experiences and life in LA!

Weekly Round-Up (6/6 – 6/10)

Weekly Round Up

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  • Kartemquin Films- Fall 2016 Internship Program
  • Steppenwolf – Video Production Apprenticeship

Los Angeles, CA

  • Kopelson Entertainment – Fall 2016 Development Intern
  • Psychic Bunny – Psychic Bunny Cream Soda Media Production Internship

New York, NY

  • NY1/TWC News
    • TWC News – NY1 News Internship – Summer 2016
    • TWC News – NY1 Creative Services Internship – Fall 2016
    • TWC News – NY1 Technical Operations Internship – Fall 2016

Film Festival Round-Up June 2016

FilmFestival Round Up

Film Festivals Sent Our Way This Month!

Check SoConnect announcements through the month for updates or more information.

FilmSupply Challenge

Deadline: June 28th, 2016

Submit your best 60 second film and win $100,000 in Prizes!


  • Best Ad Spec: The winner of the category will receive a full-paid trip to an on-set experience for the filming of a Musicbed Session at our headquarters in Fort Worth, Texas.
  • Best Title Sequence: The winner of the category will receive a full-paid, 3-day trip to Austin, Texas with an all-access pass for the South by Southwest Conference.
  • Best Trailer: The winner of the category will receive a full-paid trip to Los Angeles for an on-set instructional day with Shane Hurlbut.

Winners will also receive: Adobe Creative Cloud 12-month subscription, $1,000 of Musicbed licensing credit, $1,000 of Filmsupply licensing credit, $1,000 of Kessler gear credit, Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve Studio, $2,000 RØDE Microphones audio kit, $2,000 Defacto Sound Design credit, $1,000 of LensProToGo rental credit, and $1,000 of Gtech credit.

Visit the website for more information on submissions.

2016 Austin Asian Film Festival

Deadline: June 28th, 2016 film festival cropped

Austin Asian American Film Festival are seeking innovative and passionate filmmakers from around the globe.

Submissions can be made to Withoutabox OR Filmfreeway, and will be accepted in the following categories:

  • Narrative Feature
  • Narrative Short
  • Documentary Feature
  • Documentary Short

New this year is a $250 cash prize to be awarded to the jury winners in both the Narrative Short and Documentary Short categories.

The final submission deadline is June 30, 2016. The cost is $35 per feature and $25 per Short (w/ discounted student fees).

Visit the website for more information on submissions.

Austin Film Festival Group Discounts for Students!

October 13-20, 2016

Discounts are available for submissions into Screenplay & Teleplay and Film Competitions as well as discounts and special programming for students at the 23rd Annual Conference in October.

Considered by MovieMaker Magazine as one of the “25 Festivals Worth the Fee,” AFF allows participating writers and filmmakers to measure themselves against the very best, while also providing unique and valuable networking and learning opportunities.

Students can save $10 off film and screenplay entries by submitting directly through or FilmFreeway (film submissions only). Log into SoConnect and visit the announcements section for the promo code.

Visit the website for more information on submissions.

EPICS Career Corner! Making the Most of Your Summer Internship

All of your hard work has paid off! Long gone are the multiple revisions of your resume, cover letter, the weeks spent waiting to hear if you will be offered an interview, preparing for the interview, THE INTERVIEW itself and a few more weeks of waiting to hear those cherished words: “I’d like to offer you an internship with our organization!”

As the summer approaches, we thought we’d provide you with advice on making the most of your internship experience. What follows are best practices gleaned from our own adventures as interns, from former students, and employers

background-checks-2015Best practice (BP) number 1 might make you “roll your eyes”, but don’t ever underestimate the obvious: Be on time! Not just the first day of your internship, but every day of your internship. If you are going to be late or if you are ill, be sure to communicate with your supervisor.

BP# 2: Ask for a clear set of objectives that you’ll need to achieve by the end of your internship. Request feedback on a regular basis. Regular means weekly or bi-weekly depending upon the schedule of your supervisor. Implement that feedback and if you don’t understand something, make sure to ask clarifying questions.

BP# 3: is related to #2: Journal! Capture weekly what you have learned and accomplished during the week. The former will help you measure your personal growth and the latter will help you build your accomplishment-based resume!

BP# 4: Work hard and when appropriate, take the initiative! Nothing turns off an employer more than a worker or intern who slacks off. The purpose of your internship is to help you learn as well as contribute. Every work day will have an ebb and flow—don’t wait to be told what to do! Seek an opportunity to take on a new task or project! Be a contributor.

BP# 5: Be quick to listen and slow to speak. When attending a meeting, ask your supervisor what your role should be. Are you there to observe? Expected to contribute? Listening carefully will enable you to contribute meaningfully.

BP# 6Meet deadlines. If you’re going to miss a deadline, be proactive and renegotiate early, not when the project is due!

BP# 7Network. Utilize your time to build your professional network. Ask a co-worker for a cup of coffee. Network vertically as well as horizontally in an organization. Be mindful that everyone has a journey that might provide insights on how to be a success in your future career.

BP# 8: Keep in touch. The summer will be over before you know it. You’ve built relationships with the folks you’ve worked with. Keep those relationships alive as you continue your education. Sometimes, it is as simple as a quick note or email to say hello. Be that person that makes the effort to keep in touch.

Written by EPICS Assistant Director Kimberley Cornwell, who serves as the main point of contact for students in the Master of Science in Health Communication program.

Weekly Round-Up (5/23 – 6/3)

Weekly Round Up

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  • Catholic Charities of Chicago – Outreach and Development Intern Fall 2016
  • Chicago International Film Festival- Internships Summer 2016
  • The Colonie- Fall 2016 Assistant Video Editor Internship Fall 2016
  • Crain Communications Inc – Summer Marketing Intern
  • EVENTup – Social Media & Marketing Intern, Fall 2016
  • Facets Multimedia- Film Marketing/Film Festival Internships (Facets/Facets Children + Youth) Fall 2016
  • Girls in the Game – Health and Leadership Specialist Intern
  • WTTW Chicago / 98.7WFMT – Chicago Tonight Internship

New York, NY

  • Classic Stage Company – Classic Stage Company Internships Fall 2016
  • Foundation for Contemporary Arts (FCA) – Fall Arts Admin, Grant Programs, and Development Internships


  • Crain Communications Inc – Digital Marketing Manager (Chicago, IL)
  • Evive Health –  Implementation Specialist (Chicago, IL)
  • Northwestern University, IMPACT Program – Health Communications Assistant (Chicago, IL)