Everything is a Learning Opportunity: C1 Revolution Making your Mark

With a little less than a month left at my internship, it’s a good time to reflect on the things that I’ve done and what I have learned (let me tell you, I have learned a lot). This summer I was an Editorial and Research Assistant at C1 Revolution. C1 specializes in PR, Social Media Marketing, and much more. In addition to this, C1 Revolution also has a web-series that runs on the Entrepreneur Network called #theRevolutionaries. The web-series features prominent figures in Chicago and highlights their experiences and journey to getting where they are now.

My work revolved around this web-series and managing the social media. I transcribed interviews, conducted research and came up with questions for upcoming guests and I assisted on video shoots.

When it came to social media, I kept followers  informed on what to expect from the #theRevolutionaries.  I also posted about other clients we had, upcoming events, and industry news.  This internship has taken me many places, and has taught me a lot, here are some highlights:

  • THE ART OF THE INTERVIEW: As someone who wants to go into the media field, whether it be journalism or entertainment, this is an important skill to have (it’s also just good in general for networking and job interviews). Research is a long, but necessary (and rewarding) process. Once you have a good picture of who you are interviewing, draft questions that go beyond their body of work, tap into their interests as well. Ask about their career trajectory, how do they stay up to date, what are they reading, etc… While it is important to have questions ready for the interview, don’t hesitate to ask questions outside of your script. Some of the best responses are to these questions. Research should not be a script, it should be treated as an outline that you can edit along the way and during the interview.


  • SOCIAL MEDIA FOR YOU AND YOUR BRAND: I learned about the importance of social media for personal use, but also for business, branding, and marketing. While managing the companies Facebook I had quite a bit of freedom and was able to experiment and got to see what posts got the most engagement, and why. I found that posts with images and posts made during the middle of the day reached the most people, so I made sure to keep that in mind when making my posts. Engaging with your audience is also important. You can do this by tagging people, using hashtags and responding to comments.
  • KEY TO SUCCESS, COMMUNICATION:  If you are confused, say so. Internships are meant to be learning experiences, don’t expect to know everything. It may feel like you are asking too many questions, or bothering your boss, but most of the time your boss wants you to succeed and do your job well. It’s better to communicate and resolve an issue rather than have the issue persist and negatively impact your tasks due to the lack of communication.


I’m glad I interned with C1 Revolution this summer and how much I learned about PR, Social Media, and Marketing (I’ve definitely implemented some of these social media strategies in my own social media platforms). I am looking forward to the rest of my tasks for the summer, and hope to continue working with C1 throughout the school year.

Jesus Campos is a Senior Radio, Television, Film Major and is a Research and Editorial intern at C1 Revolution in Chicago.