Adventures of an EPICS intern: Hey, Why Not Me?

Today marks my one month of intern-hood at The Second City’s Producer’s Row. What a month! I went from feeling like the new girl who asked way too many questions, to being the veteran who answered everyone’s questions. I can tell you the best place to find dinner or a drink in Old Town and definitely recommend some shows for you to come see! Currently running, “#DateMe: An OKCupid Experiment.” I saw it last night with my friends and laughed SO hard. I also ate some phenomenal pretzel bites, shout out to my friends in the kitchen.

Being an intern is being a sponge. You absorb everything you hear, and slowly, you start to understand it all. Some of my favorite things I’ve absorbed are:

  1. Old traditions that actors keep backstage (no photos allowed!)
  2. The Second City’s plans and ideas for improving their directing program
  3. The nitty gritty rules of The Actor’s Equity Association and how to create appropriate contracts

I’ve definitely gotten more papercuts in the last month than in my entire life, but I don’t mind. Being told to organize files may feel like busy work, but my boss, Brian Loevner (Managing Producer) encourages me to read all of the files and see what they’re about! So, fellow Northwestern interns in an office somewhere, read everything you can get your hands on. You won’t have the same chance forever… plus I once found an old script from when Tina Fey and Rachel Dratch performed in the mainstage cast!

The office feels small, but every person is in charge of so much. From associate producers, to casting directors, to marketing, to the art department, Producer’s Row churns out a lot in a day. A sector I didn’t know much about, Diversity and Inclusion, is the part of The Second City I really want to touch on in my next blog, so check back, because it is all just so cool.


Liz Coin is a sophomore Radio, Television, and Film student who is interning at Second City this quarter.

Weekly Round-Up (12/3 – 12/9)


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  • Chicago Human Rhythm Project – Administrative & Program Intern
  • Havas Worldwide – 2017 Havas Winter Internship
  • LimeGreen Moroch – Account Management Internship
  • Illinois Film Office – Illinois Film Office Internship

Los Angeles, CA

  • Cinelou Films – Intern
  • Color Force – Winter/Spring 2017 Film Development Internship
  • The Film Arcade – Film Intern
  • Grand Electric – Intern for Production Company (Santa Monica, CA)
  • Kaplan/Perrone Entertainment – Talent Management Internship Winter/Spring
  • Magical Elves – Winter/Spring 2017 Development Intern
  • Valhalla Entertainment
    • Spring Development Intern
    • Spring PR Intern

New York, NY

  • WNET – WNET/Thirteen/WLIW/NJTV Internships – Multiple Positions


  • JJack Productions – Producer – Chicago, IL
  • WGN-TV – Account Executive

EPICS Career Corner: Crafting a Great Resume and Cover Letter


Finals are beginning to wrap up and the prospect of freedom from classes approaches! Now you might be thinking, what am I going to do with all my free time over break? In between catching up on much needed sleep, family time, and Netflix, winter break is a great time to start thinking about your career plans and prepping application materials for future opportunities whether it is full-time employment or internships. Enter the resume and cover letter!

Resumes: Articulating Relevant Experiences

One of the most common concerns I hear from students is how to make past experience look relevant to future opportunities on your resume. It may seem like your past experiences don’t exactly line up with where you want to go or they might seem completely irrelevant. I can promise you they are not! Luckily there are a lot of strategies to use when you want to highlight seemingly unrelated experience to showcase what a great fit you are for a position.

Check out this great article from The Muse for tips and tricks on transforming your seemingly unrelated experience to relevant experience for your future career endeavors!

Cover Letters: The Power of a Story 

Cover letters are tough and writing them is no piece of cake. Top that off with the fact that you might find a lot of the jobs or internships you are applying for have vague descriptions. It’s no doubt this leaves you wondering how you are ever supposed to align your experience with the qualifications the organization is seeking. Enter the power of a story!

Implement three steps from a recent article from The Muse and you’ll find writing a cover letter becomes a lot easier. You might even craft the perfect story to show you are a great fit for the job you are applying for and secure an interview!  

Written by EPICS Assistant Director Mandi Glowen, who serves as the main point of contact for students in the Master of Science in Leadership for Creative Enterprises program.


NU’s new MA in Sound Arts and Industries program welcomes Academy Award winner in Sound

One of the pleasures of being a student in the Sound Arts and Industries program is the opportunity to hear from sound designer and extraordinaire Gary Rydstrom himself how he created the roar for the T-Rex in Jurassic Park, the bullets in Saving Private Ryan, and the talking sharks in Finding Nemo.

His secret is simple: make sounds that make you feel something.


According to Rydstrom, the best sounds are not synthesized, but real, inspired from a memory or from an experience, even something you are experiencing now. It can be as mundane as playing fetch with your lovable dog or flipping through pages of that boring book your professor made you read. Remember those pteranodons flying about in The Lost World: Jurassic Park? Rydstrom created their shrieks from Tom’s of Maine anti-plaque floss.

See? Magnifying your objection to dental hygiene translates to 5-year olds screaming at the sight of flying objects.

Furthermore, knowing that sound effects can arise unexpectedly literally from everywhere opens up possibilities for sounds that an object or person will make in the film. In fact, Rydstrom tells us you don’t have to use the real thing. For example, why use the actual footsteps of a person walking, when you can use trees falling or shoes from the Victorian era?

Sound designers not only find interesting sounds, but also create them. And according to Rydstrom, the best creations come from collaborations. From working with bird scientists at Cornell to firing canons with a World War 2 buff, he not only discovered unique ways to place mics, but also novel technologies to bring forth sounds that could not be heard by the human ear before. Like a tiny spider jumping 50 times its own body length in the air.

Rydstrom says that sounds like “Hiyahhhhh” (with grand gestures to make his point).

Moreover, sound can enable you to tell the story you can’t see on screen; it is the partner-in-crime for image when wanting to tell a good story.

Rydstrom urges us to have fun while we’re at it. He is indeed a funny and adventurous guy. He blows up liquid nitrogen and oversized whoopee cushions for films like The Minority Report and The BFG. He repurposed the Wilhelm scream for the TIE fighters in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. And he has been nominated for 18 Academy Awards, winning 7. It can be safe to say that the other secret to creating fantastic sound is having even a more fantastic back story.

So NU students, pay very close attention to your tired classmates as we approach mid-term. And press record. It might be the winning sound effect for the next Oscars.

Written by Masters in Sound Arts and Industries student, Theresa Thao Nguyen.

Weekly Round-Up (10/8 – 10/15)



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  • The Artistic House – Spring Theatre Internship
  • Writers Theatre – Winter/Spring Internships (various) (Glencoe, IL)
  • Big Shoulders Digital Video Productions – Winter 2017 Video Production Internship
  • The Escape Pod
    • Winter 2017 Brand Strategy Internship
    • Summer 2017 Brand Strategy Internship
  • Northwestern Medicine Alzheimer’s Disease Center – Communication Specialist Internship
  • Modern Luxury
    • Spring In-Office Marketing Internship
    • Spring Events Internship

Los Angeles, CA

  • Ensemble Entertainment –  Winter/Spring 2017 Literary Management/Production Company Internship
  • Ghost House Pictures – Development Intern
  • Circle of Confusion – Development and Management Internship – Film & TV

Other locations

  • General Mills – Marketing Communication Internship
    • Minneapolis, MN
  • Partners in Health Mexico – Communications & Marketing Intern
    • Jaltenango de la Paz, Chiapas, Mexico


  • WGN-TV
    • Technical Director Engineer (Chicago, IL)
    • Overnight Master Control Engineer (Chicago, IL)
  • The Escape Pod – Brand Strategist (Chicago, IL)
  • Vizient – Research Associate (Patient Flow Analyst) (Skokie, IL)
  • Kenyon College – Film Studio Manager (Gambier, OH)