iO Comedy Network’s Hive Program

College students! Do you want to direct and produce sketch comedy videos alongside talented writers and actors of the famous iO Chicago improv theatre?


The iO Comedy Network has an incubator video sketch program, The Hive. iOCN is looking for dedicated sketch groups and filmmakers to apply for our third season! Over the course of three months, each team will create three videos to be shown at the monthly live iOCN show. Selected teams will be given access to filmmaking equipment, receive filmmaking mentorship, rub elbows with performers and teachers at iO Chicago whose produced such comedians as Tina Fey, Chris Farley, and Amy Poehler. The best content will be featured through the iOCN various social media platforms.

The deadline for applications is July 7th at midnight.

Make sure to check out our content on our Facebook page, check out the poster below for details, and if you have further questions contact

Employer Spotlight: Evive Health

Evive LogoGreat product, great people, and great culture all come together to help employers and their employees maximize use of healthcare benefits and promotes patient engagement in new and meaningful ways.  That is the cornerstone of Evive Health, a Chicago based company located in the West Loop.

A visit to their website states the Evive lives at the intersection of Big Data and Behavioral Economics.  How does that promote patient engagement? Simply put, Evive works with employers to become their benefits hub and creates personalized recommendations and encouragement for employees to better manage their health and when appropriate to take healthy action.  What is most impressive is that messages delivered via direct mail, web or text is customized to each individual! No generic or boilerplate messaging that can easily be disregarded or overlooked.

Evive Health is growing.  If you’re interested in making a difference in the health of others or passionate about patient engagement, there are opportunities that would be of interest—copywriter, operations associate, account executive, and account coordinator just to name a few.  Find out more at

If you are interested in a position with Evive Health, they are currently seeking an Implementation Specialist. Log into SoConnect to view job ID# 3358.

Employer Spotlight: 360i

360i_logo360i is an award-winning agency that drives results for Fortune 500 marketers. Our people work across capabilities with a shared ambition: to challenge one another to reach better solutions and more breakthrough work—and help our clients not just thrive, but lead in the digital age.

Our culture of curiosity challenges us to push the status quo and motivates us to keep pace with where technology and consumer behavior are going next.  We don’t rest on our laurels. Our team and culture stand apart because we dare to think differently. 360i has been named to Advertising Age’s Agency A-List four years in a row, and recognized as MediaPost’s OMMA Agency of the Year three years straight.

We inspire our teams to create, experiment and give back.

We make a significant investment in our in-house education arm, 360iU, which provides opportunities for learning and knowledge-sharing. To promote diverse thinking, we foster an environment where people are comfortable being who they are. For that reason, our management philosophy centers on emotional intelligence (EQ). All of our employees go through training in EQ that addresses and celebrates different styles and how best to leverage diversity in thought for greater outcomes.

We use creativity for good, whether it’s enhancing education at Harlem Children’s Zone, or launching ‘the den’ this May – a free 1-day workshop designed to arm nonprofit organizations with best practices and tricks of the trade for being smart, nimble marketer s in the digital age.

Collaboration and shared accountability are core to our model.

At 360i, we ensure there are no barriers between traditional, digital, media or creative teams, allowing ideas to flow freely between creatives, strategists, account leads, Ph.D.’s, puppeteers, rocket scientists and analysts. Knowledge sharing is also important to stay informed in an always on, always evolving industry. Specific groups are accountable for keeping our teams up-to-date and in the know about all of the technologies, updates and opportunities emerging week-to-week.

We create office spaces and social activities to help balance work and play.

We look to infuse fun into the routine, and we celebrate the wins together through bigger events, but also during in-house themed parties – and don’t forget the weekly beer cart in our Chicago office.  Open floor plans with a variety of cafes, lounges and meeting spaces offer just the right setting for creativity to flow and for teams to collaborate.

If you’re interested in visiting our offices, EPICS will be hosting a leadership journey to the 360i offices on Friday, April 29.  For more information, or to sign up click here and log into SoConnect.

Employer Spotlight: Psychic Bunny

Psychic Bunny’s owners in flight (except for Doug)
Psychic Bunny’s owners in flight (except for Doug)

It was a not-unusually-cold day in January when Psychic Bunny founder Doug Spice was born in Lake Forest, IL in a year known as 1980. It was about 20° at the time of birth, and while he can’t quite recall it, there was probably a blustery wind from the north-northeast contributing to the overall scene of misery and sadness that we’re trying to get across here.

This historical weather report is a meaningful distraction from your regular reading only insofar as Psychic Bunny founder Doug Spice suspects that you, too, might be dismally sick of bleary, bone-chilling Midwestern winters and might want to follow him to a magical land called California in the glorious glowing west, where the average January temperature is 55° and the warm El Niño breezes glide past you with a smile, like something off an unreleased Beach Boys EP.

Psychic Bunny Office


With the sales pitch out of the way, here’s some information about Psychic Bunny, founded in 2005, Psychic Bunny, Inc. is a Los Angeles creative media studio doing primarily short-form for-hire and original content. Our clients are in advertising, games, movies, education, government, small business, and more and feature names like Riot Games, Endemol, the University of Southern California, Harvard, LA County Emergency Medical Services, and the US Army and Marine Corps.

We value eclectic, self-motivated, multi-talented individuals looking to learn and build on skills such as design, filmmaking, animation, code, and emptying the paper shredder. Our previous interns have gone on to find work at places like Activision, Dreamworks, CBS, Riot Games, FOX Animation Domination, or even find continuing employment here at Psychic Bunny!

If this describes you and your dreams, or if you just want to know who the Beach Boys were, get in touch!

If you are interested in an internship with Psychic Bunny, log into SoConnect and view job ID #2351!

Lord Byron (our office dog) with actor Chuck McCarthy on set for a promo
Lord Byron (our office dog) with actor Chuck McCarthy on set for a promo

Employer Spotlight: Kindling Group

Kindling Group is a collaborative environment of filmmakers, digital strategists and activists that are dedicated to creating films and media for all screens, large and small, to promote social inquiry and connect viewers to critical societal issues. Kindling Group has produced four award-winning feature length documentaries for public television and is growing and expanding at an exciting pace.

Having studied history as an undergraduate, I developed a passion and appreciation for storytelling, and post-grad looked for a way of incorporating that love of storytelling into meaningful work. Kindling Group is not only dedicated to telling important stories in an engaging way, but also works to ensure that its films and media projects spark dialogue and create impact.

Kindling-Group-Blog-Post-PhotoDuring my time thus far with Kindling Group, I’ve had the exciting opportunity to work on a documentary project with a non-traditional format as it enters its very first stages of production. It’s been fascinating to observe and contribute to the planning and story research of the project.

As an intern at Kindling Group I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of projects, from tackling outreach campaigns to post-production tasks. At the start of the internship, interns are asked to share their personal interests in documentary film as well as any goals they hope to accomplish over the course of the five months. Kindling Group also encourages and provides guidance to interns working on their own personal projects.

I’m looking forward to continuing to pursue a career in documentary film, specifically editing, using the skills and experience gained at Kindling Group!

If you are interested in an internship with Kindling Group, log into SoConnect and view job ID #3181!

Written by Julia Martin, Outreach Intern for Kindling Group.

Employer Spotlight: L2TMedia


With a home base in Evanston, L2TMedia is a growing presence in the Chicago marketing and technology scene. As a digital marketing and advertising agency, they are focusing on all aspects of digital advertising ranging from search engine optimization (SEO), paid search advertising and display advertising to retargeting, social media, reputation management, video advertising and more.  L2TMedia has become one of the premier service providers of digital marketing solutions in the automotive industry.

While based locally, they’ve made a name for themselves by being selected twice as a Deloitte Fast Technology 500 member, as well as one of Inc. magazine’s 5000 fastest-growing private companies for four years in a row — and they are still growing.  Additionally, since its founding, L2TMedia has been selected as one of the Crain’s Chicago Business Fast Fifty, twice.   To help encourage employees to get to know one another, the firm offers free snacks and monthly catered lunches.  And, because they are located in downtown Evanston, the offices are close to the Purple Line.

L2TMedia hires exceptional talent with an interest in digital marketing and regularly invests significant education and development resources to ensure that its employees are the best of the best.  At Northwestern, L2T actively participates in posting opportunities ranging from interns to full-time opportunities focusing on business development, content creation and digital media coordinators.  Several full-time openings for L2TMedia are on SoConnect.  These positions range from a business development representative to a digital media associate.

Discover more about their company by going to for information about positions, work culture and benefits.

Employer Spotlight: Emmi Solutions

Emmi Logo

Patient Engagement – a phrase that is much discussed in the healthcare sector.  What does it mean?  Engaging or empowering patients in their own health to achieve better outcomes. How might hospitals and health systems, healthcare payers, and ambulatory care providers provide empowering tools to their patients to achieve those outcomes?  Many look to Emmi Solutions, a Chicago based company, and their cutting edge technology to supply those tools.

How do they accomplish this mission? The answer can be found on their website.  “Emmi combines an intimate understanding of people and expertise in behavioral science to successfully engage people to become participants and partners in their care and, ultimately, owners of their health and wellbeing”.

Our technology-based solutions, including online, multimedia programs and interactive call campaigns, are expertly designed using a human-centered approach, to empower people to become active in their care. And, because we believe patient engagement is only helpful if it solves real problems, every solution we design includes the ability to track engagement, document key information and measure progress toward identified objectives—both clinical and financial.

We help our clients have more impactful and meaningful relationships with their populations, and save their time and resources by easily integrating into existing clinical systems and workflows and delivering superior engagement at scale. We partner with our clients to help them meet their objectives and support the important people they serve.”

In 2014, the Chicago Tribune named Emmi Solutions, a Top Workplace.

Interested in learning more?  Members of the MS Health Communication or MS Communication program can apply to participate in the upcoming Leadership Journey at Emmi Solutions on Friday, February 26, 2016.  Apply now at SoConnect!

Employer Spotlight: Jackalope Theatre Company

I remember being in college and my professors using the phrase “artistic home” to describe an ideal setting to make theatre. Having now been with Jackalope Theatre company since 2013, I can very confidently say that finding one’s artistic home is one of the best gift an artist can give themselves. Jackalope has become so much of my home, that over the past year I literally moved from Lincoln Square to Edgewater just so I could be closer to the company. The people that we have work for us at Jackalope are some of the most capable, creative, strong willed and genuine people I know in the city of Chicago and I’m proud to be working alongside them. Although the majority of the personnel that we work with at Jackalope are industry professionals, we all agreed when we established our internship program that working with interns is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding parts of our jobs, and having interns around in turn pushes us to be better communicators.

Jackalope Logo OrangeJackalope was founded in 2008, by three senior directing majors at Columbia College Chicago. Now comprised of fifteen actors, directors, designers, playwrights, and administrators, Jackalope has grown into a dynamic and well-respected arts organization. Based in Edgewater, Jackalope occupies two spaces on the Thorndale Corridor: The Frontier at 1106 W Thorndale and a theater within Broadway Armory Park. Jackalope is the recipient of the 2015 Broadway in Chicago Emerging Theater Award. Most recently, Jackalope was honored to receive 4 nominations for the 2014/15 non-equity Jeff Awards. For Exit Strategy Jackalope received nominations for Best Production, Best Ensemble, Best Director, and Best New Work.

In conjunction with Jackalope’s mission, the company seeks to produce both newly developed and established American plays of the utmost literary quality in collaboration with the most gifted young artists in Chicago. Jackalope actively seeks diverse voices from varying backgrounds, and strives to represent the myriad experiences of American culture through the stories they tell and the artists they work with. In addition to their main producing season, Jackalope recently launched The Pioneer Series, a continuous initiative to cultivate bold new work, produced by guest theatre companies in The Frontier.

At Jackalope, I serve as the Associate Producer and the Director of Casting. Originally, I joined the company as the Director of Casting but after a few months, we all realized that my experience from having interned at other non-profit theatre companies was allowing me to spread my knowledge and abilities throughout the entire company. While at Jackalope I have developed a subscription program, an internship program, an understudy initiative and also strengthened our companies accessibility initiative.

Over the past 3 seasons, Jackalope has had interns join the company for either a semester or a full year. Their internships ranged from Production, Stage Management, Marketing, Literary, Artistic, Casting and Community Outreach. Our priority is to find interns who we feel are a solid fit for our company, and then we build an internship around their goals and interests. We are very interested in students who know what they want to do in this field and have hands on initiative. We’re dedicated to giving interns the opportunities we had when we were in their shoes, so making a program that is flexible depending on the student’s interests is our priority. If you want to work on social media but you also want to sit in a rehearsal room – we can make it happen. If you want to learn about lighting stock but you also want to host one of our development events – we can make it happen. Our goal is to make Jackalope your first artistic home so that you can know what you’re looking for when you start your professional theater real-estate shopping.

If you are interested in an internship at Jackalope, log into SoConnect to view opportunities!

Elana Boulos is the Associate Producer and Director of Casting at Jackalope where she has been a company member since 2013. Elana has worked as a theater administrator at such theater companies as Steppenwolf Theatre Company, Arden Theater Company, Two Birds Casting, Griffin Theater, and Dog and Pony. Elana is the Program Director at Yale University for the Acting Intensive Program for the National Student Leader Conference. She holds a BFA in Theatre Direction from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia.

Employer Spotlight: The Colonie

The Colonie is an award-winning post production house specializing in creative editorial, visual effects, color grading and design. Established in 2008, The Colonie works with the top advertising agencies including Leo Burnett, FCB, HY Connect, Burrell, Element 79 and many others. While we have worked the gamut of projects, the notable brands that shine on our reel include McDonald’s, Toyota, Kay Jewelers, and Special K, to name a few.

At The Colonie we believe in checking our egos at the door and embracing the power of teamwork. Our interns have the opportunity to observe editors, assistants and designers in client sessions as well as everyday assignments. Our goal is that interns absorb as much about the post production workflow as possible to better prepare them for a future career in the industry. In addition to shadowing, interns also edit a 30 second commercial and receive constructive feedback from The Colonie staff at the end of the semester.

TheColonie-JimmyHelm-(web)As a former Colonie intern, I can definitely say that the internship program is an excellent one. Not only is the atmosphere friendly and inviting but during my internship I was given the opportunity to learn everything about what it meant to be an Assistant Editor on a daily basis. My internship turned into a full time position and I’m happy to report that I’ve been apart of the family for over 5 years now.

We look for interns with a great work ethic, a friendly demeanor and a passion for the industry. Students who posses these characteristics are encouraged to apply.

The Colonie has internship positions available for winter/spring and summer. Log on to SoConnect to view (job 2547 & 2548). You can also visit for more information.

Jimmy Helm is currently the Senior Assistant Editor at The Colonie.