Weekly Round-Up (2/03 – 2/10)

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  • Lakewest Venture Partners – Marketing & Financial Services Intern
  • Jellyvision Lab
    • Digital Marketing Internship
    • Inside Sales Internship
  • Think Glink Media – Paid Writing, Research & Social Media Internship (Glencoe, IL)
  • Carol Fox and Associates (CF&A) – Public Relations Intern
  • Communications Strategy Group – Strategic Communications Associate | Health & Wellness
  • Ravinia Festival – Production Internship (Highland Park, IL)
  • Ripple Public Relations – Spring or Summer Public Relations Intern (Highland Park, IL)
  • The Colonie – Summer 2017 Assistant Video Editor Internship
  • Chicago Comedy Film Festival – Research Internship
  • HMS Media – Media/Production Intern (Des Plaines, IL)
  • IFP Chicago – IFP Chicago Intern/Volunteer
  • Leo Burnett – Summer 2017 Production Internship
  • Sarofsky Corp.
    • Production Coordinator Internship
    • Design/Animation Internship
  • 360i – Internship Program
  • Kartemquin Films – Summer Internship Program
  • Open Studio Project – Marketing & Development Internship for Course Credit (Evanston, IL)
  • Lifeline Theatre
    • General Theatre Internship
    • Education Internship
  • The Laugh Factory Chicago – Live Entertainment Marketing Internship
  • Guy Bauer Productions
    • Directing/Camera/Crew Internship
    • Editing/Producing Internship
  • Burns Entertainment & Sports Marketing – Fall 2017 Marketing Internship (Evanston, IL)

Los Angeles, CA

  • Music@Menlo – Summer 2017 Festival Internships (San Francisco, CA)
  • Sony Music Entertainment – The Columbia Records Big Red Internship Program 2017
  • Apple, Inc. – Apple News Intern (Cupertino, CA)
  • Viacom Inc.
    • Summer 2017 Legal and Business Affairs Internships
    • Summer 2017 Hollywood General Internships
    • Summer 2017 Ad Sales Internships
  • Digital Branding Institute (Los Angeles, CA; Remote)
    • Spring 2017 Social Media Intern
    • Spring 2017 Content Marketing Intern
    • Spring 2017 Graphic Design Intern
  • Bay Area Children’s Theatre – Summer Apprentice (Oakland, CA)

New York, NY

  • Warner Music Group (WMG) – Summer 2017 Internship
  • 360i – Internship Program
  • Theatre Communications Group
    • Summer 2017 Artistic and International Programs Intern
    • Summer 2017 communications and Community Engagement Intern
    • Summer 2017 Conferences and Fieldwide Learning Intern
    • Summer 2017 Development Intern
    • Summer 2017 Graphic Design Intern
    • Summer 2017 Research, Policy & Collective Action Intern
    • Summer 2017 TCG Books Program Intern
  • Vineyard Theatre – Literary Internship

Other Locations

  • Communications Strategy Group – Summer 2017 Strategic Communications Fellow (Denver/New York/Chicago)
  • New Honor Society – Summer Internship Program (Location TBD)
  • Warner Music Group (WMG) – Summer 2017 Internship (Nashville, TN)
  • Warner Music Group (WMG) – Summer 2017 Internship (Florida)
  • Warner Music Group (WMG) – Summer 2017 Internship (California)
  • Susan Davis International – Communication/Public Relations Intern (Washington, D.C.)
  • RealSport Limited – Sports Journalism Internship (Remote)
  • NBC Universal – NBC 2018 PyeongChang Olympics Internship (PyeongChang, South Korea or Stamford, CT)
  • Initiative – Summer 2017 IPG Mediabrands Summer Internship Program (Chicago, New York, LA)

Apprenticeships / Fellowships:

  • Jellyvision Lab (Chicago, IL)
    • Quality Assurance Apprenticeship (2017 grads or recent grads ONLY)
    • Production Apprenticeship (2017 grads or recent grads ONLY)
    • Project Management Apprenticeship (2017 grads or recent grads ONLY)


  • Evive Health – Communication Specialist (Chicago, IL)
  • Ravinia Festival (Highland Park, IL)
    • Production Administrator
    • Assistant Production Coordinator
    • Assistant to the Production Manager
    • Artist Merchandise Coordinator
  • Scranton Gillette Communications  (Arlington Heights, IL)
    • SEO Analyst
    • Managing Editor

Employer Spotlight: Araca Project 2015

The Araca Group is one of New York’s leading entertainment merchandising and production companies, with operations on Broadway and around the globe. Our producing credits include Urinetown, Wicked, Rock of Ages, A View from the Bridge, Lend Me a Tenor, Catch Me If You Can. As merchandisers, we have worked with Elf! The Musical, The Book of Mormon, Once, Shrek: The Musical.

We are Danny Bateman and Phil Blechman, the executive producers of The Araca Project. We guide the teams selected in The Project, coordinate the training intensive with industry professionals which we humbly call “boot camp”, and aspire to inspire the entrepreneur in you.

The Araca Project is an opportunity for emerging artists to foster their entrepreneurial spirit and produce their own work in an Off-Broadway Theater this fall. Our goal is to give recent graduates the tools and knowledge they need to mount a show in New York City. We believe in The Project so much that we were participants the last two years and collectively have produced, directed, written, and acted within The Project. This is our first year producing The Project as a whole and are looking for new participants that are eager, passionate, articulate, creative, and fun.

Selected participants will attend the “boot camp” in midtown Manhattan June 22nd – June 26th where they will meet with leaders in commercial Off-Broadway casting, producing, ticketing, designing, and budgeting. Through The Araca Project, we hope artists will take initiative and assume the responsibility of a producer, including: securing production rights from an author; casting; rehearsing; assembling design elements; raising capital; engaging a creative team; loading in and out a physical production; budgeting;  marketing; maintaining a box office/ticketing system, and everything in between.

Applications for 2015 slots are currently available at www.aracaproject.com and below. The deadline for applications is March 16, 2015. Project pitches will be held in New York City on April 17th. Selected teams will have a run at The American Theatre of Actors during the fall of 2015.

Araca Project 2015 Application

Please email The Araca Project, check-out our website, and/or email EPICS Director Heather Trulock for more information.

Tips and Tricks for Starting Your Internship Search

Spending your winter break looking for summer internships? While you are away from campus for the next few weeks here are a few things you can do to jump-start your internship search!

Identify your priorities for an internship: What’s most important to you for the summer? Figuring this out will help guide your search

  • Location? Think about where you would like your internship to be (i.e. L.A. New York City, Chicago).
  • Specific industry? Want an internship in a specific field/department?
  • Work at a specific company? Identify companies in your field with whom you would like to intern.

Do your research: Research is the key to beginning your internship search and will help you narrow down what you want to do.

  • Log on to SoConnect to view what internships are available
  • Research companies and internship opportunities available. Use SoConnect’s Employer Directory, the EPICS Employer Spotlight, Glassdoor, or your own independent research with a google search!

 Get your professional life organized: Once you start getting organized you will begin to see the big picture. Having these items put together in advance will make applying for internships easy when you find an opportunity. Don’t worry we can help you with this!

  • Start building your resume and drafting a cover letter
  • Create a LinkedIn account to build your network.

Resources to help you! Take advantage of all the resources available to you as a SoC student!

  • Schedule an EPICS advising appointment for when you return to campus for winter quarter
  • Peruse the EPICS career guides on SoConnect under the Resources tab

Remember finding an internship can be stressful, so please reach out to us for assistance. EPICS is here to be a resource for you. Good luck with your search!

Weekly Round-up 11/08/2014 – 11/21/2014


  • Adventure Stage Chicago – Development Intern Winter/Spring
  • Adventure Stage Chicago – Marketing/Audience Services Intern
  • Adventure Stage Chicago – Marketing Intern
  • Denver & Delilah Films – Winter & Spring 2015 Development Internship
  • Facets Multimedia, Inc – Children’s Film Acquisitions Assistant – Winter Quarter
  • Facets Multimedia, Inc – Development Internship – Winter Quarter
  • Facets Multimedia, Inc – Facets Cinema Marketing Assistant – Winter Quarter
  • Facets Multimedia, Inc – Facets DVD Label – Sales, Marketing & Publicity Internship – Winter Quarter
  • Facets Multimedia, Inc – Facets Programs Assistant – Winter Quarter
  • Facets Multimedia, Inc – Festival Programming Assistant – Winter Quarter
  • Facets Multimedia, Inc – Marketing/Social Media Coordinator – Winter Quarter
  • Zocalo Group – Intern, Hispanic Word of Mouth (Social Media Community Manager)
  • PopUp Republic- Intern
  • MKG- Business Development Intern

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Employer Spotlight: Violet Media

Violet Media is a non-fiction television production company dedicated to fresh, fun ideas and innovative storytelling.  Based in Chicago, Illinois, Violet is uniquely positioned to uncover those one of a kind characters and entertaining dramas that always make for dynamic TV.

Their experienced team of writers, producers, editors and development executives has worked on everything from loud, off the hook anthology shows, to verite docudramas set in some of America’s most dangerous locales. As a group, they are committed to creative thinking, sound development and unparalleled client service, but most of all they’re devoted to enjoying the process of making great TV.  Violet Media clients include A+E Networks. FYI, TLC, OWN, HGTV, and Oxygen.

Violet Media LogoViolet Media is seeking Development & Production interns for fall quarter! You’d be working closely with the development team as they research and generate new ideas, help the production team with general office work and preparation for filming, and be responsible for post-production tasks such as transcribing, time coding, and logging raw footage.

To learn more about/apply for this position, please log into SoConnect! You can search for this position by company (Violet Media) or by ID# (2227).

Fun fact: SoC alum, Jason Bolicki, currently serves as the Executive Producer & Development Consultant at Violet Media!

Life After NU: On the Ground Running

Los Angeles. The City of Angels. Which would only be true if heaven’s clouds were actually smog.

All pollution jokes aside, my first week in LA—and being part of the real world (that is, post-graduation)—has been fantastic! Insane, but fantastic. Two days after convocation, after squeezing in the last of my goodbyes, I packed up my final suitcases and moved out of Evanston. I had a job lined up to start the following week—as a Post Production Assistant at Abominable Pictures—so the quick cross-country move was necessary. But before I could eagerly start my first full-time, paying job…

The next four days were spent searching for apartments, with help from my dad. Even though I had spent several weeks in Chicago trying to find an abode before moving, the search could not fully begin until I was actually on the ground. I used several online housing aggregator sites, but the winner (and fortunately, there was a winner by Friday) was found by a fortuitous drive-by. So this week I’ll be moving into an apartment in the heart of West Hollywood!

Meanwhile, I’ve now worked two days in my new job. Which has been great! As a PA for the editing department, my tasks range widely. I’ve done runs to the set of Childrens Hospital to pick up precious cargo (i.e., hard drives with just-shot footage). I’ve chatted with editors about what it’s like to edit for TV. I’ve dismantled and reset up an editing workstation. And of course, I’ve learned how to take lunch orders. This has been within a mere 48 hours, so I’m excited to see what I’ll be doing in the near future.

One of the first things I was struck by, as I shook a few dozen hands and tried to commit the corresponding names to memory, was how enthusiastic everyone was. From post supervisor to production coordinator, every person at the office cares about the projects and their personal involvement in them. I’m excited to be a part of this positive culture as I take the first step towards my goal of being an editor.

A stylish and fuel-efficient way to get around a spread out city.

I’ll end this post with some of my initial impressions and musings. Before last week, I had only been to LA for 4 days (not counting the wedding I went to when I was a toddler), so everything at every turn was completely novel. I thought my Spanish would improve after moving here, but I’ve quickly learned that every word of Spanish origin has been horrendously mangled in its anglicization. The immediate next thing I noticed was the immense number of businesses, tourist traps, highway billboards, and overall culture that are related in some way to the film industry. Third were the mountains: even if some are really just glorified hills, they rattled (hopefully not like any earthquakes I may experience) my Floridian reliance on flat ground. All three were perceived as I crawled along the 101, the first time of many. But since I have a new Prius C as my mode of transportation, my inevitable gas guzzling habits should be kept in check.

But wait, there’s more! I’d like to leave you with my parting wisdom of the day. Every connection matters. No matter where the person is in the industry hierarchy, he or she has the potential to help you. If someone offers assistance, advice, or just a coffee meetup, take advantage of the opportunity. You’ll also be surprised how small a world it is, even in a giant city. You’ll meet fellow Northwestern alumni or people from your faraway hometown. LA isn’t as scary as it’s made out to be. Based on my first week and a half here, I’ll even venture to call it fun.

Robbie Stern is a recent graduate of the School of Communication and majored in RTVF. He now works for Abominable Pictures.

Adventures of an EPICS intern: It Begins!

This summer I am interning with Prologue Theatre Company, a small Chicago-based theater company founded in 2008 that focuses on the representation of underrepresented voices in the theatrical world. I first encountered Prologue when my Northwestern financial aid advisor, upon learning that I am studying theatre, put me in touch with her good friend Angela Johnson, the artistic director of Prologue and a professional actor in Chicago.  Angela and I met up for lunch and talked about theatre, Chicago, and her company.  We stayed in contact and when I decided I wanted to stay in Evanston for the summer I asked Angela if Prologue was looking for interns.  She is now my internship supervisor and mentor.

with my acceptance letter!
with my acceptance letter!

Prologue holds company meetings once a month, where all of the members and artistic associates come together to discuss company business.  I have attended a meeting and will be present at the upcoming meeting, which takes place next week.  Most of my theatrical experience is in class and the rehearsal room, and these meetings provide me with insight into how a theatre company functions outside of those settings.  Prologue does not yet have a set internship program, something we are working on establishing together this summer.  It is a cool and unique opportunity to be at the beginning of Prologue’s internship process.  We’ve been working together and with EPICS to set up my internship track and other internship tracks for the company in the future.  For example, I want to be an actor.  Therefore, we are setting up a performance track.   In addition to attending meetings and performing various clerical duties, I will help run auditions, come to performances, and assist in rehearsals- all of which relate to my career goals.  I had a very productive phone call with Ryan Smith in the EPICS office.  He gave me a lot of great advice about structure, scheduling, and asking questions.

I have some great things coming up!  On Tuesday, July 1st, there is another company meeting.  I will be helping to run general auditions on July 19th and 20th.  I am very excited for the auditions- I think I will learn a lot about auditioning from the opposite perspective!  I plan to focus on my experience running auditions in my next blog.

Sophie Neff is a rising junior Theatre major interning at Prologue Theatre Company in Chicago, IL.

Life After NU: Decisions

Making choices comes with a certain amount of anxiety. We spend four years under the label of student, a label that implies we could be anything, but have not committed to anything yet. At one point or another, be it four years or six or ten, we give up that label and begin making choices about who we will become. But making choices doesn’t mean giving up on everything else, nor does it mean we’re stuck with the paths we begin down.

I’m a 2014 graduate and have recently taken a job with a consulting firm here in Chicago. They’re stationed out of a beautiful building in the west loop. Not one of the glass and steel high rises, but a building with exposed brick and original beams. I have loved my time meeting, interviewing and training with members of the company. I made a very conscious choice to join Duo Consulting, but it was not the choice I thought I would be making four years ago. I will be the new Inbound Marketing Coordinator, meaning I’ll be working with clients on strategies about how to better market their business, how to create better online content, and how to write better content. I’ll also be looking at the companies’ website analytics and reporting back to them on how the strategies are working.

My new employer
My new employer

I met Michael (the Duo CEO) and Ariel at the SoC and Medill career fair (yes, career fairs can work). I had entered Northwestern as an engineer, transferred into Weinberg to pursue Physics, then the school of Communication for Film and playwriting, and finally back to Weinberg for a degree in writing from the English department. I’m not the best at making clear-cut and long-term decisions, and consulting was not high on my list of potential future careers.

At the time I had several applications lingering at places like The Poetry Foundation, Greywolf Press, and Pearson Publishing. I also had some informal plans to move out to New York or Los Angeles or even back home to Ohio. But Michael and Ariel amazed me with their intelligence, knowledge of the industry, and commitment to the company. It was clear that this would not be a company where I would be bored, so I gave them my resume expecting nothing of it.

Later that same day Michael met me out in the hallway. He explained the job to me in greater depth, and he asked me if I would be interested in a full-time position. I was floored, and wasn’t sure what to say. He asked me to think about it. A week later we sat down in his office for a formal interview. We talked more about the job, but mainly we talked about the type of worker I am, and the type of learner. We discussed my interests, and specifically what they were looking for in a full time candidate. Then I toured the office. I met the interns, and the other company that shares our office space.

2014 Grads

In the days that followed, as I waited to hear back about their decision, friend of mine told me—after I had expressed some concern about my commitment to my new job—that a new challenge will be great, but if it doesn’t work it doesn’t have to be the rest of your life. Six months down the road, if you hate where you are, you don’t have to stay. We’re young. We’re recent grads. We’re still learning.

Even though I’ve accepted the job offer doesn’t mean I’ve given up on my other pursuits. My first professional play has just extended its five-week run to eight. I’m developing a new play, soon to be pitched. And I’m still polishing my senior thesis.

Several weeks ago I had an exit interview for my writing sequence, and I was asked what are your three goals for the following year. With all the excitement of applications and graduation I hadn’t thought much about this, so I chose the things that felt the most important. I said that I wanted to do an excellent job with my new career. I wanted to commit fully to a new challenge. I also wanted to continue writing every day, if only for a half hour. Finally I wanted to stay in touch with all those friends I’d made in college, friends who are undoubtedly feeling the same way I am now.

Jon Gleason is a recent graduate of the School of Communication, and majored in RTVF and English (Creative Writing). He now works for Duo Consulting in Chicago.

Adventures of an EPICS Intern: Final Days at Disney

It’s finally come to my last week at Walt Disney World Resort. Six months have zoomed past, barely giving me time to stop and consider just how much I’ve experienced in such a short period of time. I suppose if I looked back on my internship, I’d remember one thing in particular: the opportunity to produce meaningful content for the Public Affairs division.

Walt Disney World Resort entrance

As a final project of sorts, my team had tasked me with producing a set of videos as a tribute to Mother’s and Father’s Day. My partner-in-crime would be the Professional Intern from Eyes & Ears (Walt Disney World Resort’s internal magazine for Cast Members). With her deep knowledge of Disney property and ear on the ground for good stories, we set out on our mission – to interview as many Cast Members as possible on the best advice their moms and dads had given them.

What followed was perhaps one of the most incredible projects I’ve ever had the opportunity to be part of – not only did I get to travel around our vast property scouting out people to interview, I also got to hear – and help tell – such incredible stories from people who had all eventually found their way to Walt Disney World to pursue their careers. I even got over my lack of confidence with video editing to produce two shorts that I felt I could be proud of.

With Father’s Day around the corner, I am looking forward to seeing the video finally being posted. I hadn’t realized it before, but this was in a way my own small contribution to telling the Disney story – as a company made up of incredible people. I’m lucky to have this as my parting shot.

Geneve is a Senior Communication Studies Major interning at Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.