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Research in the Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Laboratory investigates the language and related abilities that define autism, fragile X, and related neurodevelopmental disabilities, and the neuropsychological, genetic, and environmental features that may be associated with the behavioral and cognitive profiles of these different groups. Specific study goals include:

  • To understand the different developmental strengths and weaknesses in language and related abilities in autism and fragile X syndrome.
  • To define subtle language and neuropsychological profiles that may relate to the genes involved in autism and fragile X syndrome among unaffected relatives.
  • To document the interactions between genes and environment in neurodevelopmental disabilities.

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Principal Investigator: Molly Losh, Ph.D.

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Illinois declares July 22nd Fragile X Awareness Day

We are very pleased to announce that thanks to the hard work of the members of the Central Illinois Fragile X LINKS Group and Illinois State Rep. Mike Unes, July 22nd is now officially Fragile X Awareness Day in Illinois!
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