2013 Art Stinchcombe Dissertation Prize in Organization Studies Winner is William Barley, Communication Studies, Mary-Hunter McDonnell, Management and Organizations

Art Stinchcombe SION Dissertation Winners with Art Stichcombe himself

2012 Art Stinchcombe Dissertation Prize Winners with Art Stinchcombe himself

Processes of organizing and social interaction, in general, have garnered considerable attention from academics in diverse fields including management, communication, education, engineering psychology, and sociology.  While some scholars focus on organizing and social interaction in the for-profit sector, others focus more on the non-profit and governmental sectors. Though scattered across different disciplines and university departments and schools, these scholars share a common interest and draw on similar, if not identical, conceptual tools.

Our group – Social Interaction and Organizing at Northwestern (SION)–brings together faculty and students (both graduate and undergraduate) from across the Northwestern campus that have an interest in how organizations shape and are shaped by the way people, firms, communities, and markets interact. SION provides a regular forum for people interested in organizing and social interaction to come together to share and discuss ideas.  The SION speaker series brings prominent scholars in the field to Northwestern University to talk about their work, while SION Graduate Students Workshop provides an opportunity for students to develop their research ideas and projects.


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