Special Course Offering: HDPS 340: Marriage 101

Come and join us for:

Building Loving and Lasting Partnerships:  Marriage 101 (Topics in HDPS #340) Spring Quarter, Tuesdays and Thursdays 12:30-1:50

This innovative course consists of lectures, video clips, discussion, and fun exercises aimed at helping undergraduates develop the skills necessary to build loving and lasting partnerships and marriages.

Topics include: Getting to Know Yourself, Intimacy and Love, Sexual Intimacy, Managing Conflict and Fighting Fair, Dating and Selecting the Right Partner, and Common Problems of Marriage.

You’ve taken other survey courses and learned the basics of economics and history, but what do you know about preventing divorce and fostering lasting happiness in marriage?  This course will put you on track, describe the fundamentals, and give you a head start on building a solid and satisfying relationship.

Registration for this course is done individually.  Some of the breakout group exercises and one of your written assignments will be done with a partner.  If you have a particular student with whom you would like to be paired, please make sure one of you notifies Professor Solomon by email (asolomon@northwestern.edu) with your request as soon as you have registered for the class.  This way we can make sure that you both assigned to the same breakout group.  If you do not have a preference, you will be paired with a partner prior to the first day of class and notified in class.

We value and embrace working with students who bring a broad range of opinions and experiences into this course (guys, this means you!) as this enlivens discussion tremendously.